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Capital for Business

MacroGain Partners realizes that for most business owners picking a financial partner is a once-in-a-lifetime decision... or at least you hope it is.

Our ideal transaction partner is looking for more than just a financial partner - they want someone who is ready and able to help take the business to the next level.

A few reasons to consider MacroGain Partners when you are seeking a financial partner:


  Ag Values & Style


Our style and guiding principles are the same as yours – doing what's right, recruiting and retaining good people, and sharing the financial rewards of success with the managers who make it happen.


  Focus in CAFÉ Markets


Because you are dealing with professionals who have spent their entire careers in these markets, you can spend your time talking about where you want to go with your business rather than explaining how it works.


  More Than Capital


By having a business partner who can help with strategy, marketing, sales, distribution, pricing, operations, and personnel, consider how much more time you’ll have to focus on the things that you do best and the areas about which you are the most passionate and valuable.


  Network of Aligned Experts


Sometimes challenges arise that are new to you. Imagine having a network of 15-20 experienced business executives and management consultants to call upon for help. What do you think the odds are that none of them have ever seen this problem before?


  Celebrating Entrepeneurs


There is a reason that many on our team chose to build and run their own company. We believe in working closely to make sure we share the same goals. We believe in being ready to assist with a wide range of challenges and business needs. But we also believe that if we have quality partners with adequate resources and the right team, most of the time we should stay out of their way and let them perform.


  Your People


You most likely spent years putting a team together. We are seeking to build great teams in those sectors in which we invest so the odds are high that most of the team you have built will stay on the job rather than be “redundant” the day after closing. Our job is to help fill any holes in your team rather than replace your team.


  Follow-on Capital


Because our capital strategy is to do a broad range of transaction sizes, it’s entirely possible that when we need capital for the next big thing in a few years we won’t have to seek an additional capital partner to get the job done. We may not be the first financial partner you’ve had, but we certainly hope to be the last.