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MacroGain Partners is an investment and consulting firm focused on finding compelling macro-driven investments in the commodity, agricultural, food, and green energy (CAFÉ) sectors and assisting clients and investors to develop business and investing strategies for the new environment.

Profit from What's Next

The seismic shifts in the U.S. and global financial markets the past two years have irrevocably changed the investment and business strategy environment. We help clients and investors make sense of what has happened, anticipate what's likely to happen next, and find ways to invest in sectors likely to thrive in the coming years.

To accomplish this, MacroGain Partners has built a strong team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of our target sectors and can both assist with proactive strategy development as well as identify exceptional near-term investment opportunities in those sectors.

What's Next

Our View of Where The World Is Headed

Investments for What's Next

Profitable Investments for the New Environment

Business Planning for What's Next

Integrating Macro and Micro Business Drivers

Macro As in macroeconomics - certain to be the driver of some of the best business and investing strategy in the coming years.
Gain As in advancement, income, profits - focusing on the right strategies and investment opportunities.
Partners As in ally, collaborator, teammate - because a network of investors, sector-specific consultants, and aligned business transaction associates is critical to success in a very complex world.